Your requirements – implemented flexible and with high precision

Milling, turning, drilling, grinding, welding, eroding - we know how important a partner is who can react flexible to demands. We have specialized in the production of individual parts and small series made of steel, aluminium and plastic. Thanks to our machine park and extensive experience, we cover a wide range of parts from small to large, from simple to very complex. Whether directly at the machine or via the CAM system - our experienced employees implement your requirements with high precision.  
Full service means for us: We take over the material procurement, the surface treatment and take care of necessary special processing methods. You receive the finished parts on schedule and in best quality.



Machine park

Machining: Milling

Our employees in the milling shop have gained a lot of experience through the high component variety, the many different processed materials and the high requirements in the part complexity. With the 5-axis DMF 360 milling centre, we can also machine large and complex milled parts with high precision. The milling cutters create the programs in the CAM and then process them immediately in the production. This enables WKM Maschinenbau to be flexible in delivery dates as well as capability as the milling team can support each other.

Machining: Turning

We work with the same effort and criteria in the turning as in the milling area. This team has gained a lot of experience as well and has many possibilities due to the modern machine park and the CAM system. Continuous skilled worker training and further education are a corporate philosophy that WKM Maschinenbau lives by. With the turning/milling centre WFL M 35 G with counter spindle, we are able to machine complex and large turned parts economically in one operation.

Machine park: high precision due to the latest technology

We rely on highly skilled workers with comprehensive know-how and the urge to develop as well as our modern machine park.


Milling & Turning

  • WFL M35-G: Turning/milling centre, 7-axis machining, Ø 500 x 1,200, counter spindle, swivel head
  • DMF 360 Linear: 5-axis machining, X 3.600, Y 920, Z 820, swivel head, rotary table
  • MTcut UE 110H-5A: X 1.100, Y 610, Z 610, 5axis universal machining center, swivel head, rotary table
  • DMC 835 V: Machining center, X 835, Y 510, Z 510
  • Emco VMC 600: Machining center, X 1.200, Y 400, Z 400
  • Emco FB 5: Conventional milling machine, X 630, Y 500, Z 500
  • Emco MAXXTURN 65: Inclined bed CNC lathe, short bar loader, driven tools
  • Emco Turn 365: Inclined bed CNC Lathe
  • Emco MAT-20D: Conventional centre lathe


  • Kasto SBA 260: Band saw with automatic feed, part size up to 260x260 mm


  • KN 815 Hyper: 3D coordinate measuring instrument
  • Garant HC1: Height measuring device with measuring computer Garant HD1
  • Zoller Bravo 1: For internal tool measurement


  • CAD: 2 stations SolidWorks 2D/3D
  • CAM: 6 Stationen CAM Top Solid 7
  • Interfaces: STEP, IGES, VDA-FS, Parasolid, DXF, DWG